Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Hey, it’s been a while since I wrote, I know. I completed my year of teaching and was busy with packing and then readjusting myself back at home. Now that I’m more available I though I should give ya’ll a post!

First off, the temple I’ll be writing about today is by far one of my favorite locations in Busan. While most temple are in foresty or mountainous areas, this one is by the sea!!! But, it can be quite a commute.

I went during this time of year- a bit before the beginning of May when all temples are preparing for Coming of Buddha Day. Admission is free so you can just waltz right in.

As soon as I reached the temple area, I saw vendors selling food and souvenirs. They’re not really worth getting since you can find them anywhere. After that, I walked a bit more to find statues lining a street, and not just any statues either. They were statues of the zodiac. Many people would leave coins placed precariously on their zodiac

Keep walking and you come to a set of stairs leading down to the main temple. The view is breathtaking. No need for words. Here are some pictures!

Many people can be seen admiring the view. Some were adventurous and went down to the rocks by the coast. The sun was starting to set though and cast the temple in shadow. It was also pretty windy since we were by the ocean.

We also explored the temple itself as well.

To get here, take the subway to Haeundae station exit 7 using Line 2. Then walk a bit to find the bus stop and take bus 181to Yonggungsa Temple Bus Stop. It took us over an hour from Deokcheon, so be prepared!!!

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