School Lunch in Korea

I thought it’d be super interesting to show you guys what a typical public middle school lunch in Korea looks like.

First off, almost all the teachers eat lunch provided by the school. I pay about 80,000-90,000 won total for one month. Pricey, but it’s easier than making your own. Also, lunch is served buffet style- but that doesn’t mean you can heap piles and piles of food onto your plate and go back for seconds (though that doesn’t stop some teachers). Sometimes there are little signs telling you how many pieces of each thing you can take. This is to ensure that everyone has access to everything. After everyone has taken their share, you are of course free to go for seconds.

School lunches are made by the lunch ladies, who often go in and out of the teacher’s eating area to make sure everyone has enough to eat.

Lunch usually has: rice, and of course, kimchi. There is always a type of soup or stew as well. The lunch will also typically have a type of protein, whether from seafood, pork, or chicken, and various side dishes. Sometimes they will serve Western style food, but it’s…not that tasty most of the time. If you’re lucky, there will be dessert such as juice, fruit, or sometimes a nice pastry.

So, enough explaining! Here are some pics I’ve taken over the year.


Fried chicken, rice, radishes, garlic stems, budae jjigae




rice, beansprout soup, chicken, radishes, some fish thingy


mystery meat, rice, egg, seaweed, tofu soup


rice, SULLUNGTANG MY FAVORITE SOUP, a fried…incredibly difficult to eat thing, pineapple

Aaaaand, those are all the pics I have! Even though some lunches here have been….questionable, I can say that they’re at least tastier and healthier than American school lunches. What are your school lunches like?


2 thoughts on “School Lunch in Korea

  1. anguyen93 says:

    Hey! Do you have instagram? I’d love to follow your journey 🙂 currently in Busan and am looking for. Jimjilbang to stay in. Saw your post and just wanted to say thanks!


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