Hydrangea Festival

I’ve been to so many flower festivals. I can’t help it. I love flowers, especially hydrangeas.


What’s more, I love pressing flowers I collect. Especially since I lost my old collection.

Anyways, the Hydrangea Festival in Busan occurs every year around June. And it’s pretty popular from what I’ve seen.

My only complaint would be how long it takes to get there. After taking the subway to Busan Station, my friends and I tried taking a bus to Taejongdae. A whole bunch of different buses all head to the island where the Hydrangea Festival is located, but because of all the people going there, we watched as numerous buses packed to the brim skip the bus stop at Busan Station. When a bus does finally arrive with space to spare, people crowd and push until there’s no space left to breathe- but you made it onto the bus. But you’re sardined and surrounded by festival hopefuls and now you’re also stuck in, you guessed it, traffic. It takes over an hour to reach our destination. A ride that normally would take maybe 15-20 minutes.

People pour out of the bus and we did it! We’re finally at the Taejongdae area! But we also had to take another  bus, the Danubi bus (er…bus….train? bus-train?), to the actual Hydrangea Festival area within Taejongdae. We bought our tickets and waited another half hour. But eventually, our bus arrives and our numbers are called. The buses are super cute, having been adorned with hydrangea shaped decorations.


One we reach the festival area, we branch out and- oh my goodness. Hydrangeas, EVERYWHERE. But also people taking selfies everywhere. Myself included. I should also mention that Busan summers are extremely hot and humid. It became rather foggy and super muggy as the day went by, so make sure to have some water with you.

There’s a trail that weaves between the bushes of hydrangeas. You just follow it to the end and when you’re done looking around, there are a bunch of snack stalls you can visit. To get back, take another Danubi bus. You had to pay to get on it the first time, but the return trip is free.

Overall, the festival itself was lovely. I picked a few flowers for my collection and took a lot of pictures. But i HIGHLY recommend going as early as you can to avoid the rush that my group unfortunately encountered. I should have known better, but eh, oh well.


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