Going to the Dentist in Korea

If you’re an EPIK teacher, you’ll get health insurance, which is nice. Anyways, one day, I was flossing and my tooth felt weird- the floss felt stuck so I forced it out…and a piece of my tooth broke off O_O

Flash forward a week later and I’m at the dentist. Keep in mind I went to one that doesn’t speak English- Eastern Dental Clinic in Busan. You can take your CT with you or find an English-speaking dentist. Back to the topic, I was really nervous. I never had good experiences with dentists in America. I walked in and they took me in right away. They asked me what was wrong and I told them.

After waiting a few minutes, they led me inside. It was white, clean, and very modern. They took an x-ray of my teeth and many, many pictures. What I found interesting was that they covered my face with a green cloth with a hole in it for my mouth. It covered my entire face and they would only see my mouth- which was nice so I wouldn’t have to worry about where to look lol. So, they then explained and showed me all the things I needed fixed: 3 crowns, cleaning, and the removal of the remaining 3 wisdom teeth I had left (I didn’t take good care of my teeth >_>). Ok. I can do that. In America, the dentist tried to get away with making me get fillings on everything- which isn’t necessary. I could feel that the Korean dentists were honestly telling me only what needed urgent attention.

I scheduled an appointment for the crowns. A week later, I went back and got the crown done- but it was weird. I had to get it done in 2 steps. They would clean and put “bond” or “glue” on the tooth and I would have to wait a week. Then I would get the actual filling. Weird. Anyway, I did so and one crown was 200,000. This wasn’t covered by insurance apparently so I paid a lot, but still way less than what I would have paid in the States.

A while later, I went back to remove my wisdom teeth. And I was scared. In America, it hurt like hell. But then, BAM! Korea! I felt NOTHING. It was amazing. I didn’t feel a thing! The after-care was wonderful too. They told me to come back the next day for a simple cleaning with topical medicine and salt water. They also gave me meds, which I picked up at the pharmacy next door for about 2,000 won. Amazing.

Overall, I would recommend getting all your dentist stuff done in Korea if you don’t have good dental care where you’re from- especially America. Dentists there rip you off like hell. Anyways, have fun!