Contract Renewal

It’s that time of year when Fall intake EPIK teachers are asked if they’d like to renew their contracts…

I said no.

My CT was like, “Nooooo, whyyyyyyyyy.” I just gave her some offhand, vague reason like ohhh it’s personal and family-related (which is true actually).

To be accurate, it’s more like I don’t think I can stand another year in Korea. I don’t know if my mind could handle it. I have a looooot of things I want to say about my experience in Korea, but I won’t say it until I’m done with EPIK because I think I’m pretty contractually obligated atm not to say anything that could cause my school (or Korea in general??) to lose face.

This is another reason why I stopped writing this blog. I’ve lost a lot of my joy and purpose for writing about Korea. But, make no mistake. I wouldn’t exchange my experience I had here for anything. I learned a lot. And I loved my students- they were the only thing that made me even consider staying. I just didn’t want to stay another year in an environment that made me start dread teaching.

I’ll update my blog about why I left later…