I haven’t updated in a while…I’ve been a bit preoccupied with…well, teaching. I agreed to teach a high school discussion class, which meets seven times in a semester, as well as a high school interview, which I do three times total this year. I get extra money, but it also means I’m extra tired from having to plan and research more. I got behind on planning for my regular classes too (or so I say. I still plan ahead by at least 2 weeks, but I used to plan ahead by a month). And then I had to plan my summer camp and that took even more energy.

I’ve also been struggling personally since the “honeymoon phase” of staying in Korea ended a few months ago. I , admittedly, miss my friends and family back home and I generally have difficulty with adjusting to some things in Korea and find that I get bored super easily. I have no interest in watching anything, and I’m just not in the mood to do anything, which makes it harder for me to write here as well. When I first arrived in Korea, I was convinced I could stay here for at least 2 years. But now I can say with conviction that I’m leaving after just one.

As much as I enjoy my life in Korea, there’s only so much I can take…I’m currently deskwarming a lot because of summer camp lately, so maybe I’ll update more often…we’ll see….