The End of Orientation and the Start of a New Chapter!

I really planned on writing a lot sooner, but I’ve been extremely busy with moving into my new apartment and starting to teach at school.

So, after the field trip is just 2 more full days of classes all day. In my spare time I met up with my group members to fill out our lesson plan. The last full day of orientation was just our lesson demonstration. Heads up: In practice, your lesson demo may meet the 15 minute requirement, but once you actually give it and do activities with your class, it takes a lot longer. Our group ended up not being able to do all of the activities we had planned.


We met with our MOE/POE afterwards and finally found out out placements! I was placed at two middle schools: Gu Nam Middle School and Yang Deok Girl’s Middle School. Even though I dread teaching middle school, this is actually a boon for me. My license is in Secondary English Education so this experience will definitely help me out when I return home.

After that was the closing ceremony, which included a dance and song from the KPop class. My friend was in it so I made cute signs for her! She was really happy so I was happy too. After that was the closing dinner, which was generally the same stuff from the opening dinner. And again, I stuffed myself silly. We joked around that EPIK was feeding us like crazy since once we leave orientation we’ll likely survive off of cup noodles every day! Afterwards, I went out with my friends again that night for some noraebang we had a ton of fun. I sang lots of KPop and Disney songs and I really wish that curfew on the last night was either extended or dropped entirely.

The next day was the day we would meet our co-teachers! You actually have a lot of time to pack if you don’t leave it to the last minute. I finished packing about two nights before the end of orientation and headed down to the dorm lobby before 8:30 to beat the rush of people trying to use the elevator. I checked out and when it hit about 9:15, I took what luggage I had to the bus stop area before going to pick up the rest of my luggage. I recommend doing this instead of taking all your luggage at once because it’s hard to carry them around campus.

The cars picking up people in Busan started lining up around 9:45 and people started leaving. My CT came around 10:15 and, if you guys remember, I have 3 big suitcases, 1 backpack, and 1 carry-on. I was hoping my CT came in a big car. Some people had CTs come in a taxi and even by bus! Be prepared for this type of situation! My CT came in a standard 4-door car- not big, not too small. But she came with her husband. We were somehow able to stuff all my things in, and off we go! The rest of my story will be in a separate post~


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