Applying for Your Alien Registration Card on an F4 Visa

Hey Guys!

I applied for my ARC in Korea a few days ago and I thought I’d let you guys know how it went. It’s actually pretty easy! Now, I came to Korea on an F4 visa so for those with an E2, read this post.

First off, you have to go to the Busan Immigration Office, or just an Immigration Office in your district. For those in Busan, I recommend reading this post for directions. My CT made an appointment beforehand so I was able to skip a lot of the waiting process. If not, be prepared to wait a while! I had to take with me:

  1. Passport
  2. 2 Passport photos
  3. 30000 won + 4000 for delivery to my apartment. Pay for this at the bank inside the office. They’ll give you a receipt which you then give to the teller.
  4. Completed application form (can be found at the office)
  5. 기본증면서 (Gi-Bon-Jeung-Myun-Seo) &가족증면 서(Ga-Jok-Jeung-Myun-Seo) (See this post for details on these two)

This process is a lot easier if you order a few copies of the documents in #5 while you’re in America. The documents are in Korean and English, but you may want your CT to watch over you as you fill it out because it can be confusing.

Once you submit everything, you should have your ARC in 7-10 business days!

If you have any other questions, please comment below! 😉


7 thoughts on “Applying for Your Alien Registration Card on an F4 Visa

  1. John says:

    Hey Rei, thanks for sharing this really useful post! I’m a bit confused about one aspect. I obtained my F4 visa earlier this year and assumed that the 기본증면서 and 가족증면 서 were submitted at the time of my F4 application (my mom handled any Korean documents, so I’m not even certain but let’s assume that was the case). So even though I’ve submitted those documents to get my F4, the Seoul Immigration Office needs to see them again just to get an ARC? Do you know if I can use photocopies of those documents, or will I have to order originals from my local Korean Consulate and bring them with me to Korea? Any info/advice is appreciated~


  2. Christina Fajardo says:

    Did you need to leave your passport at the immigration office for the 7-10 days? I will be trying to get an apartment, but will be staying in an airbnb for about a week and a half (which might complicate address requirement too), but without my passport I fear any bank or apartment related work will be impossible.


    • LiteREIture says:

      No, I did not leave my passport at the immigration office. You usually get your ARC a little after you officially move into your apartment. Your co-teacher should take you along to get it done. Are you trying to find your own place instead of letting your school find one for you? Because even if that is the case, I think it would be best to wait until you have an official address. Let me know if you have any further questions! 🙂


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