Chinese Food…in Korea

I know what you’re thinking. If I’m in Korea, I should eat Korean food, right? Well, think back to your favorite modern Korean drama in which people order a certain popular noodle dish called Jjajangmyun/짜장면, which is basically just black bean noodles. Jjajangmyun is originally a Chinese dish and many Koreans eat Chinese food/중식 regularly.

So, today my uncle took me to a famous Chinese restaurant in Gasan-dong/가산동 called Sam-Pal/삼팔, which means 3-8. Not sure why, but when do we ever really fully know the reasoning behind shop names?

Finding the restaurant was a bit difficult but eventually I met up with some other relatives when I arrived and was told that this restaurant serves authentic Chinese food that isn’t served anywhere else in Korea. My relatives ordered all the food, leaving me surprised with just how many dishes kept coming out. I wanted to take more pictures but with 9 of us eating at the same time, it was a bit difficult to do so.

Some of the things I ate included lamb skewers/양꼬치 (couldn’t take a picture of this fast enough!), and of course, jjajangmyun. There are a few dishes I don’t know the name of but they were interesting and delicious nonetheless. The top left picture was pork and tofu wraps (the square thingies), and I have no idea what the top right is. I just know that you wrapped the spicy meat in the white bun. The middle left is deep fried pieces of egg and was rather interesting. It’s super sticky and you have to dip it in the small bowl of water because it’s so hot. I’d never had it before so I was very amused. The middle right is abalone stir fry/전복 and it was really good. I’ve have abalone in America before, but the freshness is off the charts here in Korea. The bottom picture is eggplant stir fry/가지, deep-fried pieces of chicken, and the spicy seafood soup/짬뽕.

I was actually really surprised with how tasty all the dishes were. I’ve had “Chinese” food in Korean restaurants before in America, but this restaurant’s dishes tasted quite different even though they’re the same thing. The seafood soup was a lot spicier and richer, the abalone more tender and not as chewy, and the deep fried eggs were crunchy and sweet.

And of course, we downed it all with some Chinese beer. For an after-dinner activity, we went to karaoke/노래방 of course lol.

Overall, I’m super stuffed and I would highly recommend this place…if you can find it XD


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