T-6 Days

OMGosh how in the world did time fly by so fast. I feel like I have so much left to do but so little time to do it. I still can’t really believe that I’m going. I’ve been spending my last few days in the U.S. lounging around and playing games and it reeeaallly hasn’t hit me yet that I’m going to be leaving my family for a whole year, maybe even more. And it just blows my mind.

I’ve been packing a little bit day by day, but today I realized, again, that I still have too much in my suitcases…and all I’ve packed so far is just clothes T-T I need to take out more but it’s so hard since I feel like I’m not even taking that much…my clothes just take up more space because they’re all bigger than other people’s clothes…sigh…I can’t make my packing list post just yet since I don’t even know what to take yet, but what I have done so far is compartmentalize all my stuff.

One large suitcase is filled with clothes I won’t need immediately. The other large suitcase is filled with work appropriate clothes for orientation, as well as gifts for relatives/my CT and my toiletries. My carry-ons will be reserved for casual clothes and valuables for while I’m in Seoul with relatives. This way I won’t have to open all of my bags to find what I want to wear. But, I’ll probably have to take everything out AGAIN tomorrow to take out even more clothes.

The only other problem I have is who is going to pick me up from the airport. My relatives in Korea I plan on staying with can’t take off work to pick me up when I arrive so they told me to take a bus to their neighborhood…and I would do that if I wasn’t:

1.) Alone

2.) A woman

3.) Carrying 4 pieces of luggage

4.) Not completely competent in Korean (I know, I’m a disgrace as a Korean-American)

So….wish me luck in getting to Busan safely pls..


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