Applying for EPIK

Assuming that you know what EPIK (English Program in Korea) is, I will be describing the application process here. Now, some of this may be different to what you may experience because as I am an American citizen of Korean descent, there were a few additional steps I had to take. I will create a separate post for that…

  • SO you’ve made the decision to apply to EPIK! Congrats! The general website can be found here. Check out their eligibility requirement before applying- EPIK used to accept people with a Bachelor’s in any discipline, but that changed recently. You now need a degree in either education or English. But don’t despair yet! If you get a TEFL certificate, you can qualify for EPIK regardless of your major. Just make sure to keep yourself updated on their requirements.
  • After that, to apply initially you have to fill out a completed application form and send it to EPIK with two letters of recommendation before their deadlines. EPIK has two terms- Spring and Fall- so choose whichever one you like. It is better to send an application as early as possible. For me, the deadline was in December 2016, but I sent in my application in early August.
  • Interview- If you are accepted, you will be invited for an interview via SKYPE. I had my interview in mid-October. Make sure you conduct the interview in a private space- whether it’s at home or a private room in a library- and wear a top that’s fit for business casual. You can wear pj bottoms and your interviewer wouldn’t know 😛 Do wear earphones/headphones and have a copy of your application out in front of you because without them the sound feedback makes for a sloppy interview. This is my second time applying for EPIK and my coordinator was the same guy from then. He recognized me and the process was much faster this time around. I’m sorry to say that I actually can’t remember what questions I was asked the first time though. Just don’t stress about it too much. You will be notified via email whether you were accepted or not within a few weeks.
  • Documents- If you passed the interview stage, now is a good time to prepare your documents. It is actually best to do this as soon as you can, so starting even before the interview process is beneficial. Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) can take anywhere up to 3 months to prepare. Also be prepared to spend a bit of money collecting everything. I will describe this in a separate post. Once you have everything, send it off and now is the “Big Wait” for your placement. Expect to get placement as late as one month before your departure date. I sent my documents in early November and received my placement in early January.
  • Visas- After your placement email arrives, now is time to obtain your visa. Most people will get the E-2, but I got the F-4 bc like I said…I’m of Korean descent. I will describe my visa process in a separate post as well.

After that, not much is left except to buy flight tickets, pack your bags, and get set to go to EPIK! Let me know if you have any other questions 😉




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